15 Best Color Prediction game Websites to earn money

In search of best color prediction websites and I check all these websites regularly for the purpose of investigation and earning. So, this whole content I am writing here is fully based on my user experience. I confess clearly that all these websites can make you rich as well as poor within very short time.

best color prediction game websites
Wingo game in cooe.in apk

Before the discussion I will suggest few names of Color Prediction Websites Which are ruling in the south east asian countries like – India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Maldwip, Pakistan and in such countries.

Lets Go through some Websites First

Best Color Prediction Game Websites


If You know nothing about What is Color prediction website then you can Read a lot of articles on Color Prediction Game through My Medium Profile.

I have already written almost on 12 websites on various Color Prediction websites. So if you are looking for genuine review on each website then go through this website.

Let’s define for those who might have entered here accidentally to know about What is Color Prediction Websites.

I can Define very precisely.

Color prediction websites are online platforms where users bet on the outcome of a color. If your guess is correct then your money will be doubled also you can get some other monetary rewards. These sites typically feature a simple interface. Here colors change in a pattern or at random, and participants use their judgment or strategy to make predictions. My experience with these platforms has shown them to be engaging, offering a mix of anticipation and strategy as I tried to anticipate the next color based on previous outcomes or patterns, reflecting the unpredictable and thrilling nature of online betting games.

At the very beginning I will put a Disclaimer for those who are wiling to deposit their hard earned money here. Most of these Websites are not safe at all.

Most of these websites run for near about 2/3 years and then suddenly vanishes from Internet.

Only the reffer and owner of these websites earn lot of money and get rich. Some you tubers and owner of telegram channel earn unaccounted money by promoting these websites. Ordinary users always suffer.

Still you want to get the review ?? Then you are welcome here.

Review Of Color Prediction Websites

Review Of VClub Color Prediction

It is the best and most trusted Color Prediction Websites for the recent times. I have not seen withdrawal problem till now. Only there are some hidden withdrawl option which you will understand only when you start to use it. When you join this website you get 121 Rs as bonus. But you can never withdraw it.

vclub review

Although in their website they say that minimum withdraw is 200 Rs. But Practically when you make 321 Rs in your wallet you can withdraw 200 Rs. Also for withdrawing 200 Rs a very high charge is taken. The charge is about 45 Rs upto 1000 Rs.

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vclub review

The agent crore growth plan is a fantastic option in this platform. The 2x earning is also very good. Everyday . Everyday also they pay almost 30 Rs and Also 15 Rs as Lifafa.

vclub review

There is Emerd Table where the game is played in every 30 seconds. So those who love to play quickly , they can join this platform. Whatever is written here is fully on my personal experience.


Review Of Lulumalls Color Prediction

This website gives the best commission among all the other color prediction websites which I have used. But the tables where you can predict the color is very slow. You have to wait for 3 minutes for every betting. The withdrawl is very quick and flawless. No other bonus is provided here. And the commission it provides stays for lifetime. So if you refer someone who plays regularly, you can earn in a real good amount.

lulumalls color prediction review

You can see my bonus records here. See the bonus amount for every betting is very high compared to other website.


61 Lottery Review

This website does not provide too many earning. If some foreign users join below as you as subordinate and if they bet on dollars then only you can earn lot of money otherwise I have not done much from this website. Although the withdraw is flawless. You can add any digital payment banks or any physical payment banks in 61 lottery website. Actually there are multiple sports and betting options in this website. If you refer someone who joins as a subordinate and you you get 41 rupees. But you can withdraw you minimum of 211 rupees.

If you are a youtuber or have a telegram channel of large number of users then you can promote and level up to get more rewards.

The commission for every subordinate who plays is very low.


Damangames Review

In this platform the charge for withdrawal is the lowest and almost zero for up to 1000 rupees. There are multiple options of earning money from this website. You can make YouTube videos and for every 1000 views you can earn 200 rupees and you have to share the link in the platform. Also you can become agent and there are multiple options receiving options which the admin provides you regular interval. There is no issue of withdrawal. One thing I can tell you whenever you add any bank account in this platform be very cautious. Once your bank account is set up, it is very difficult to change that bank account. Although it has the best customer supporting system.



This color prediction app is very unusual. Most of the time it changes its domain name. Also when it changes the domain name sometime you lost all of your money. So before investing in the website be sure that it will not stay for more than 1 or 2 years. The previous website was suddenly removed from the internet. There were almost 10000 users who had lost lot of money in their wallets and suddenly the previous version of ganesha.vip was missing from the internet. So I will not suggest you to play in this platform because it is highly risky.

Also a new version does not give so much bonus because it is only 3 months of age. At this moment when I am writing this article there are near about 9000 users only and if you go through their official Telegram channel you will see that there are only 340 users so if you are willing to make a carrier in color predictions , I think it is the best time because it will stay near about 2 years. So you can join this site.

Although while depositing money in this platform sometimes the money get deducted from your account and is not deposited in the wallet so play at your own risk.


Mantrimall Color Prediction Review

At the beginning journey of the color prediction websites this site was ruling. Suddenly the domain was removed from the internet and then some similar types of names were found in the internet like Mantrigames, mantrishop etc.

I have used the montrigames and mantrishop these two website are connected in a same domain. Although the promotional balance and the commission rate is very similar to the lulumalls website.

mantrimall color prediction review

The withdrawal is also flawless. The earning can be increased if you refer some of your friends and if the play regularly. The minimum withdrawal is 210 rupees. You can add any digital payment banks or any physical bank and the money will be received in your account within two or three hours.


Joymall Color Prediction Websites

This website is comparatively new. The commission rate and the bonus provided here is very high. You can deposit minimum Rs 100. Also the promotional balance and the commission generated here is very high also. This website resembles with Ganesha color prediction and also the mantri game color prediction. You can add in digital payment bank or physical Bank to withdraw your money. But the four tables where we can place our bet here are 3 minutes of duration.

joymall color prediction review

So if you want to bet fast or want to save your time for waiting then you can skip this website and rather you can join the Vclub color prediction website which is best in this case.


Reliancemall Color Prediction Website

Reliancemall color prediction website is also very similar to the joyMall ,Lulumalls and Montrimall, color prediction website. The withdrawal is fast and secure. Money can be deposited very easily. The withdraw process is also very simple and is applicable for any bank.

Fastwin Color Prediction Websites

It has the highest number of users in terms of color prediction websites. If you visit their official telegram channel you will see that almost there are 1.6 million active users in this platform. From there official channels you can get daily bonus and also they play the color prediction through their official channels. The withdrawal process is very simple and there is no problem in withdraw.


91 Club Review

While searching in the internet I have came to this website which is 91club.com.

It is very new to me. it is structurally very similar to the Daman games website.

91 club color prediction review

I think the admins and the locations from here it is played or designed from the same. If you go through their website you will see that the structural strikingly similar to the Daman games and bigdaddy website.


Bigdaddy Color Prediction Website

In terms of structure and formation

commission and withdrawal this website is very similar to the damangame website.


Cooe.in Color Prediction review

This website is comparatively new. Although the commission is quite high.  Few new games like avaitor, strike games are included in it. The interface is also very simple.


Raja Luck Game

This website is very similar to the website like Damangames,91 club, big daddy color prediction game.


After reviewing all these color prediction websites I arrange them as per my personal choice as below….

  1. VClub
  2. Ganesh color prediction
  3. Cooe.in color prediction
  4. Reliancemall
  5. Lulumalls
  6. 61 lottery
  7. Goa game
  8. 91 club
  9. Fastwin
  10. Joymall
  11. Bigdaddy
  12. Mantrimall
  13. Raja Luck
  14. Damangames
  15. Ganesha Shop

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