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Want to test your luck and win big? apk is the new desi betting site where you call the shots on colors! Play fun games like aviator (plane goes high, win big!), wingo (pure luck test), mines (beware the bombs!), or lucky hit (one shot to riches!). Easy to understand, exciting to play, lets you multiply your money with the right guess. Join now and paint your world with victory!

How To Download apk

Go through the following link to sign in first and then download the apk. apk download Games:


aviator game in
                                      aviator game in apk


Feeling adventurous? Chad jaa aviator mein! Picture a plane soaring higher and higher, the more it climbs, the more you win. But here’s the catch – the plane can change color anytime, and if you don’t encash your money before that, your bet is kaput! So watch carefully, predict the right moment to claim your prize, and dekh lo, your balance skyrocket!

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How To Play Aviator Game

Mastering Aviator on Tips for Takeoff!

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Before you risk real money, try’s demo mode to get comfortable with the aviator game’s mechanics.
  • Set a Budget: Decide how much you’re comfortable spending and stick to it. Don’t chase losses!
  • Low and Steady Wins the Race: Start by aiming for smaller multipliers (around 1.20x – 1.30x). Cashing out early and consistently is better than going for high-risk, high-reward attempts all the time.
  • Observe the Pattern: Watch previous rounds to get a feel for the plane’s flight pattern. This might not predict the future, but it can help you understand the game’s rhythm.
  • Don’t Get Greedy: Remember, the plane can disappear anytime. Don’t wait too long to cash out, or you might lose everything.
  • Use Auto-Cashout (Optional): If available, set an auto-cashout at a specific multiplier to avoid getting caught up in the moment.
  • Take Breaks: Gambling can be addictive. Take breaks to avoid emotional decisions and keep your focus sharp.


Remember: Aviator is a game of chance, not guaranteed income. Play responsibly and enjoy the thrill!


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Wingo game in apk
                    Wingo game in apk


Kismet wala feeling aa raha hai? Wingo is all about aajmaaye kismat! Pick your lucky color and see gemstones rain down. If your chosen color dominates the screen, dhamaka hai – you win big! It’s a simple game of chance, perfect for those who want to try their luck with a quick and exciting round.

How to Win in Wingo

It’s all about luck: Wingo is a pure chance game, so there’s no guaranteed way to win money.

  • Set a budget: Decide how much you’re comfortable spending and stick to it. Don’t chase losses!
  • Play for entertainment: View Wingo as a fun activity, not a guaranteed money maker.
  • Enjoy quick rounds: Wingo offers fast-paced gameplay, perfect for short bursts of excitement.
  • Consider small wins: Celebrate small wins and avoid the urge to win big every time.

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Mines game in apk
               Mines game in apk


Samajhdaar ko ishara hi kaafi hai? Toh phir Mines wala game khelo! Aaj maze karo maze ek aise grid se, jismein chhupe hue hain squares. Choose karo wisely and खाली (khali) squares ko kholkar apni betting amount badhao. Lekin dikkat yeh hai ki agar kisi mine se takra gaye, toh phir khel khatam – boom! (game over) Can you use your smarts to dodge the hidden dangers and dig out some real treasure?


Lucky Hit:

Lucky hit game in
             Lucky hit game in


Zood pay, zor se jeeto! Feeling for some instant dhamal? Lucky Hit is your game! Just one click – pick your color and see if your prediction brings you paisa vasool (money’s worth) maza! It’s a quick chance at big rewards, perfect for those who enjoy a straightforward yet exciting round of betting. Kya aapka lucky guess aapki duniya jeet lega?


Other PG Games

There are lots of PG games you can play like

Ways of Qilin, Queen of Bounty, Lucky Neko, Fortune Ox, Caishen Wins, Double Fortune, Leprechaun Riches, Prosperity Fortune Tree, Dragon Hatch, Captain’s Bounty etc…


Pg games in
                       PG Games in


How to Recharge in

Step 1 : In the home page go to Mine and then tap on recharge section


How to recharge

Step 2

Select the amount and press recharge


How to recharge in

Step 3

Fill the details for the first time and press continue.


How to recharge in

Step 4

Pay using any upi. You are done.


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