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I am wrting articles on various color prediction games and websites for more than 2 years . So, when I found this website from google search I have tried to go in details about this color prediction cum betting website. Finally after comparing with almost 15 other color prediction websites like Damangames, ganesha-vip.club, Fastwin, Vclub, LuLumalls, Mantrimall, reliancemall, 61lottery, 91club, bigdaddy color prediction, cooe.in, joymall, ganesha-vip.shop, rajaluck , I am writing this article.
At a glance when I look into this website it looks very similar to the following websites like : damangames, rajaluck and bigbaddy color Prediction game. I have taken the screenshot of three website to compare their similarity below.

goa game app
Comparison of goagame with other games

Clearly you can see only the color combination is different in their interface but rest of all is almost similar.
So if you want to go in details, please check my previous articles on damangames or big daddy color prediction game then you will understand everything

Goa game app download

Join Through this link and earn Rs 200 When you join properly. Now click on the top right corner as shown to download the goa game app.

goa game app download
Goa game Invitation Code

If you want to join directly then click the below link

List Of Gaming Options

Here’s a list of games available on GoaGame Betting App:
1. Color Prediction ( 1min, 3min, 5min, 10 min)
2. Wingo (1,3,5 and 10 min)
3. K3 Lotre (1, 3, 5 and 10 min)
4. 5D Lotre ( similar time )
5. Trx Wingo ( similar time)
6. Mini Games
7. Slot Games
8. Sports
9. Casino
10. Rummy Games
11. Poker
12. Fishing Game

Win Go

Here are four table having different duration of time like 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute. It is similar to the Color Prediction games in various platforms like




91 Club
Big Daddy
New Ganesha
Cooe Color Prediction
Goagame com
Raja luck
If you have never played these games or don’t know how to earn lot of money from these apps you can go through the following articles like
Earn Money From Color Prediction Game

In this Win go Section you just need to choose a Particular Color like ‘Green’ or ‘Red’ or ‘ Violet ‘. If your desire color comes after the betting time your money will be doubled. Here the chances of Winning is 50% . So it is a good option for regular better.

K3 Lotre

In this gaming section there are three dice where you have to select any of the three options like
3 same
All Different
So it is also very easy to play. No different prior knowledge is necessary to play this type of gambling.

5D Lotre

In this Section you have to select or predict wheather the sum of the 5 lottery result is either odd or even and accordingly you need to place the bet and after the betting is over your money will get doubled or will turn into nothing.

TRX Win Go

It is nothing but similar to normal Win Go or Color Prediction Games. The inside process need not be remembered. You just need to place the bet and win.

Mini Games

These portion contains various mini games like Aviator, Keno ,Goal ,Dice ,Mines ,Pinko , Hilo
Etc. If you are new to these games then you can check before playing. There are also trial versions before playing and also proper guidelines on how to play . You can check the link below before playing.

Slot Games

There are few Slot Games in Damangames like
JDB, CQ9, M game , PG game, AG game , Evolution, Jili Game, TB game etc. You can check the Games in the proper area.


Here you can play betting games like 9 Wickets, CMD, And various Football and other games and start betting.

Casino Games

Here You can look for various Casino Games. For ordinary users I will suggest to avoid this section.

Pvc Rummy Game

Here You Can play Rummy and Poker Games and win Unlimited money.

Fishing Game

Here you can play various fishing games. Although I have not played all these games. You can check how these games if you are interested in playing such games. Here the games are
Paradise Leviathan, Oneshot Fishing, Lucky Fishing, Hero and Fishing, Dragon Fishing, Dragon Fishing ii, Caishen Fishing, 5 Dragons Fishing, Fishing Yilufa, Dragon Master, Fishing Disco, Fighting Fishing, Royal Fishing, All star Fishing, Bombing Fishing etc.

Other Popular Game

Here you can find few other popular games like
Dragon Master, Atarle Coin, War of Gods,Cai Shen Dao, Money Coming , Jackpot Fishing, Lucky 777, Wildfire Wins, 777 etc.

Invitation Link


Promotional Code


How To Register in Goagame

Click This link directly and fulfill the desired info and you are done.
How To Play goagame
For most of the beginners it is difficult to explain each and every rule separately. I will suggest to go through the link you you will automatically know how to play each game separately.

How To Recharge in Goagame Color Prediction Game

Step 1

how to recharge in goa game
Step 2

how to recharge in goa game
Step 3

how to recharge in goa game
Step 4

how to recharge in goa game
How to Withdraw Money in Goa game

Step 1

how to withdraw money in goa game
Step 2

how to withdraw money in goa game

Gain Bonus

In the activity section you can find various bonus option on inviting and consecutive playing and users playing as your subordinate


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