Reliancemall Color Prediction Game Formula and Tricks

Dive into the vibrant universe of color prediction at RelianceMall . Engage in a captivating game of color foresight that combines the thrill of anticipation with the joy of entertainment. Here, your ability to predict colors can lead to fantastic rewards and make every moment exhilarating. RelianceMall’s color prediction game offers a dynamic and entertaining platform to showcase your intuition and enjoy the excitement of turning predictions into prizes. Embark on this colorful journey with us and let the hues of destiny reveal your fortune!

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and go to the official website and then in the ” My” section download the apk.

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Or search in google and then enter the promocode : 1156827

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How To Play Reliancemall Color Prediction Game

Selection of Colors:
Choose a color (e.g., red, blue, violet) you predict will be selected next. Winning chances are around 50%.
Placing Bets
During a 3-minute countdown, select a color (e.g., green, red, violet) and place a bet on it before the outcome is randomly determined.
Choose Betting Amount
Select an amount to bet, typically in multiples of 10 Rs (e.g., 10, 20, 30, 40…).
Wait for The Result
After placing your bet, wait 3 minutes for the winning color announcement.
Winning Payout
If your chosen color wins, your money is almost doubled (e.g., a 10 Rs bet yields 19 Rs).
Betting Fees
A fee of about 5% is charged on the betting amount (e.g., a 10 Rs bet results in 9.5 Rs actually being bet).

– For strategies or methods to potentially predict game outcomes, consider researching further articles or guides.

Structure of Reliancemall Color Prediction

Before going in details, first register yourself in the official Website of

After Registration You will find four button at the bottom like

Reliancemall color prediction
1. Home
2. Search
3. Win
4. My

In the home section you can order some women beauty jewellery

Reliancemall Color Prediction Home
In the search section you can find and search for some jwellery.
In the Win Section You can play Color Prediction Game and start Betting.

Reliancemall Color Prediction

Here you will find four tables for playing. Like
Parity ( 3 min)
Sapre ( 3 min)
Bcone (3 min)
Emerd (3 min)

The previous Records of winning color can be found just below every table.

Previous Record in Reliancemall Color Prediction
Now in the My section you can check your records like recharging, available balance, winning records, promotion and bonus records, add bank and withdraw money.

You can add any digital bank /upi too for withdrawing the money.

Reliancemall Adding a bank
How To Recharge In Reliancemall 

This process is quite simple. In your profile section you will find a blue button of recharge. Just click there. And go to the recharge section. You can add Rs 100 , 300, 500, 1000 and the desired amount as shown in the screenshot.

How to recharge in Reliancemall
Just choose and pay via upi or any other ways which are available in your phone like – paytm, phonepe, gpay or any other available options.

How to recharge in Reliancemall

How to recharge in Reliancemall

Reliancemall Color Prediction Game Formula And Tricks

There are no algorithms or formulas that guarantee winning money consistently over time in color prediction games. Despite many players attempting to find a winning strategy, such tricks do not practically succeed. However, some players observe patterns that might help in guessing the next color, but remember, these are not foolproof methods.

Tricks For Reliancemall Color Prediction Game ( Beginners)

If you want to win for longer time main the following tricks.. All these are my basic experience..
These tips are for beginners who wants to play safely.
Here Are the Common Suggestion on How to play
1. Try to place your bet at a cycle of minimum 7 times.
2. It means you have to place a bet a maximum of 7 times.
3. Use 2X method not 3X
Most of the betters or tricks will suggest you to play in ‘ 3X method’. But practically speaking in 3x method you may not have sufficient balance if you are a beginner.
So I will suggest you to play in 2X method
That is, everytime you loose your bet you have to invest your money by Double amount. In 2X method you need to place like this
Bet – 10 Rs ( Loss) , next bet – 20 Rs
Bet – 20 Rs ( Loss) , Next Bet – 40 Rs
Bet – 40 Rs ( Loss) , Next Bet – 80 Rs
Bet – 80 Rs ( Loss) , Next Bet – 160 Rs
Bet – 160 Rs ( Loss) , Next Bet – 320 Rs
Bet – 320 Rs ( Loss) , Next Bet – 640 Rs
Bet – 640 Rs ( Loss) , Next Bet – 1280 Rs
So total betting after 7 cycle is ( 10+20+40+80+160+320+640)
So if you start with 1270 Rs Approx you can win with confidence. Although during shared color you may loose very little money. But you will not face serious problfms. But in 3X method the money required is almost ( 10+30+90+270+810+2430+7290) which is nearly 11,000. Rs.

If you have enough money you can use 3X method too.
4. Before placing bets understand the basics and practice few times without investment.
5. Once you are sure that the tricks work you can place your bets.

Here I am providing few common Color Prediction Sequences which may be helpful for your practice.

Tips For Advance Users

1. Dont play in Chain.
That means play only when a particular known pattern is being maintained. It happens mainly at late night when the system is practically very Stable.
Suppose this pattern is repeating AABAABAAB… at late night. You can try the 3X winning method. For 3 times. You will definitely win. Because in a stable condition the chances of winning is more.

2. Try to play in a particular table.
There are four tables in Reliancemall Color Prediction game namely Parity , Sapre, Bcone and Emerd. The Bcone table is very unstable. So try to play in Bocone table. The emerd table most of the time give unpredictable result.

3. 3X method

Try to play in 3X investment method where you will be able to play upto 5 times.

Suppose your 1st investment is Rs – 10
Your 2nd Investment should be – Rs 30
Next …………. 90

So always maintain this minimum amount to avoid loss. If you apply this trick in a stable condition the chances of loosing is very less.
4. Why 3X method ? Why not 2X ?

There are sometime 1.5 times money return when there is shared color.
Suppose for the first time you invested 100 rs and you lose.
Next you invested 200 rs. And the money is shared winning.. so you will get 300 Rs.
So your ultimate profit will be zero. Because your investment is also 300 hundred. Also due to 5% charge you will get 15 Rs less. So you need to invest in 3X method always. But always in a stable condition.

Other Tips to Avoid Loss
It’s important to approach Reliancemall color prediction games with caution
Set Limits
Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Set limits on the amount of money and time you’re willing to spend.
Understand the Odds
Be aware of the odds and potential payouts associated with each color.
Avoid Chasing Losses
If you experience losses, resist the urge to chase after them by betting more money.
Responsible Gambling

If you find yourself losing control or spending more than intended, seek help and consider taking a break from such activities.

For your trust issue I have posted all the necessary screenshots. So that you can take your own decessions.

Withdraw Proof

Here is the screenshot of my withdraw proof

Reliancemall withdraw proof


Color prediction games are based on chance, and outcomes are determined randomly. Participation involves financial risk, and users should exercise caution while placing bets. It is crucial to understand that winning or losing is not influenced by skill or strategy. Users must comply with local laws and regulations governing such activities . Reliancemall encourages responsible gaming, and individuals should only engage if legal in their jurisdiction. The platform is not responsible for any financial losses incurred, and users play at their own discretion. If you experience gambling-related issues, seek assistance from relevant support services. Remember, gambling should be entertaining and not a means to financial gain. This article was written only for informative purpose only. I am not responsible for your any kind of loss. Play safe.

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